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Dec 08

spare time. and the lack thereof.

it seems i no longer have it. i don’t have nary a spare minute in my day. days are too short. nights are too short. weekends definitely way. too. short.

the cons about not having enough time are: not getting enough sleep, my hair is always messy, my washing piles up, i disregard my blog ;)

the pros are: i am never bored.

i love jumping from one project to the next. i love traveling. i love being around people i love. and meeting new people. i especially love going on adventures. whether that means a trip to the store our pajamas because we HAVE to have hot apple cider at 11pm. or an escape to some other city, country, continent.

since dhg entered my world there is zero time for boredom. not only am i entertained constantly but together we come up with new projects on a daily basis. and next thing you know he’s self-taught himself how to ‘code’ and is setting up a tripod on our kitchen table and i’m trying to figure out how to draw bumblebees (this will all make sense when you see our stop-motion animation project).

our latest we-don’t-have-the-time-but-let’s-do-it-anyway-project was to enter into a contest that described ‘carbon emissions caps’ using an analogy. it had to be 30 seconds and brief, non-partisan and memorable.

and this, ladies and gentlemen, is our entry:

It’s time to get off the couch. from devon gundry on Vimeo.

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2 comments on “spare time. and the lack thereof.”

  1. anjali Says:

    definitely memorable. (and i promise that will not be me in january. at least not with the facial hair).

  2. Shereen Says:

    i love it!

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