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Sep 08

status check: no longer pals

so we went to the sushi nazi (sam) last friday and he is back to hating me. sigh. i don’t know how to handle this emotional roller coaster ride.

as soon as we walked in, all cheerful and ready for some delicious sushi, he started barking orders and telling us we needed to back away from the counter. followed with a demand that we write our three orders on the same order form.

he pointed to a table where there was already a customer and growled ‘you go. sit there’. do you know how awkward it is to go to a table where someone is unassumingly eating their lunch and tell them that you have just been instructed to sit with them? super awkward.

so we figure out what we want. write it carefully on one form. double check it, knowing there is no room for error. and i gingerly go up to give it to him. i thought if i made eye contact an smile he’d remember me, and in that moment of recognition he’d drop his malice and we’d be buddies again.

no such luck. he glares at me and i retreat back to our table.

when our sushi was ready we didn’t hear him say our name, and so he begins yelling at us from behind the counter. the other customer’s sympathetic eyes follow me as i go up to the counter and retrieve our plates heaped with sushi and seaweed salad.

we spent our lunch talking in hushed tones, scared to tip the delicate balance of sam’s tolerance for us.

did i mention that he doesn’t accept tips? that he actually has a no tipping policy and if you tip him he gets mad and throws the money back at you? he also has a sign that says ‘i’m fine’ because he doesn’t want people to ask him how he’s doing.

the problem is that now all i want is to be liked by sam. i want to walk in and have his face light up as he calls me ‘golzi’.

something tells me that is not going to happen any time soon.

ps. only $5 for these two massive rolls. such-a-deal.

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  1. Write Softly Says:

    I just had dinner, and yet your photo has my mouth watering. Oh, to sample such plump and plentiful rolls for $2.50 apiece! Sushi heaven!

  2. Anonymous Says:


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