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Mar 09

story of my scar.

i don't have many scars, but one that is slowly fading away is above my right knee. it is shaped like a teardrop and is about the size of a fingerprint. i got it by

(wait for it)

ironing my pants while wearing them.

i was in high school. and i was running late. neither one of these facts excuses my momentary stupidity. but there you go.

one day in assembly i popped the blister that had formed and my best friend jasmine, who had to endure watching this procedure, nearly threw up on the spot.

i don't really know why i would share this pretty revolting story in a public sphere.

blame plinky and its prompts.

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1 comment on “story of my scar.”

  1. Jasmine Sutton Says:

    You popped the blister, (in total satisfaction), with your uniform kilt pin. I did nearly vomit on the spot, (although it was kind of funny thinking that the teachers had no idea of the types of activities that occurred during assemblies).

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