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Sep 08

summer is winding down and…

i’m so grateful for:

1. las paletas (today dev had his first – pineapple/lime – otherwise known as so refreshing you want to bathe in it deliciousness. i had hibiscus – hol’s favorite. who knew a flower could be so flavorsome?)

2. open, honest, communication. i love being able to talk without censoring or layers or filters. consulting has taken on a whole new meaning.

3. pandora. and the fact that my iphone has a pandora application so while i sit at my desk i can just play ‘chromeo radio’ all day long. i’ll give YOU bonafide loving iphone. mwah.

4. friendships that are not weakened by distance or time apart. i have many friends who i haven’t seen in months, others who i haven’t seen in years. and yet, i know with certainty, that if they walked into my house right now i’d make tea, carefully choose a mug that suited their style, and we’d start up wherever we left off.

5. DHG and his infectious enthusiasm and unbridled happiness. a tangible, inspiring example of what it means to be a ‘team mate’ and how to love with complete abandon.

6. the flowers i notice that grow out of the cracks in the concrete as i walk to work.

7. adventurers and artists.

8. the sushi nazi who used to scare me and now begrudgingly puts up with me when i go in an order just a heaping plate of edemame. on my last visit he even gave me a nickname – golzi.

9. the moments big and small where nothing else really matters.

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2 comments on “summer is winding down and…”

  1. capone Says:

    lovely list

  2. Anusce Says:

    Miss you gazillion of Popsicle!
    When are we seeing you again?
    When are we going to enjoy the company of him whom make your heart pound like never before?
    When can we hug you again?

    Love you

    Signed: those who await you patiently!

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