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Aug 08

ten things part two.

ten things part one

ten things that i will find instantly endearing about you

1. you carry around a kaleidoscope in your bag.
2. you can do a flip. front. back. doesn’t matter. i’m always going to be super impressed.
3. you talk about books like they are your good friends.
4. you create handmade cards.
5. you take dressing up in costume really seriously.
6. you don’t miss the previews when you go to the movies.
7. you know how to have fun at the supermarket.
8. you are never the first to release the hug.
9. you understand that a camera is an essential.
10. you bring me a glass of water or a piece of fruit at random intervals during the day.

ten insignificant things that annoy me just an insy-winsy bit. or maybe a lot.

1. using text shorthand. ‘C U soon’? ugh. chances are no, you won’t.
2. when you give someone your camera to take a picture of you and your friend and they cut you off at your ankles so you are feetless. why? WHY?!
3. tea that isn’t scalding hot.
4. the stickers on fruit.
5. how easily ipod earphones get tangled up.
6. overhead lights that can’t be dimmed.
7. overhead lights in general.
8. not being well versed in html.
9. cafes that close too early.

ten things i will never forget. in no apparent order

1. scanning to find your face in the crowded lunch room
2. that one final kiss on top of my head
3. cramming into the light blue VW beetle to get mc donald’s ‘shaker’ fries and frozen cokes.
4. lying on my bed, sun-kissed legs up on the wall talking to you on the phone. for hours.
5. the smile that came over my face when i picked up the jar of almond butter you left outside my door.
6. lying on our backs so full of thanksgiving food that it hurt to laugh.
7. opening the small brown box to find a tiny shivering puppy.
8. calling you on the train from melbourne to geelong and hearing your voice break out of sorrow for me.
9. sitting with you in the cramped hotel office explaining that we weren’t a threat to the country of pakistan.
10. waiting anxiously for you to arrive. seeing your face. and knowing it was worth the wait.

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