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May 08

thank you

thank you for jake simkin for introducing me to death cab for cutie. new album out on the 13th. thank you to DCfC for being an essential part of my life’s soundtrack.

thank you to josh at t-mobile for backdating my new plan so that i wasn’t zinged with additional fees on this month’s cell phone bill. i must say, that since day one i’ve been pretty impressed with t-mobile. i know that their staff have strict orders of how over-the-top-friendly to be. but i like it. we chatted about my day. the perfect blue skies. the fact that i wished the at&t didn’t have the monopoly on the iphone. when i got off the phone i nearly said ‘see you soon’ because it actually felt like i might.

thank you to God. this goes without saying. but on a day so brilliantly sunshiney, the air filled with a symphony of lawns being mowed, birds singing, children laughing next door, and brooke wagonner blasting from my home onto the deck where i’m lazing, well, on a perfect day like this, one can’t help but be entirely thankful.

(oh – and before you start ‘tsk-ing’ about how God should come before my new friend Josh, let me reassure you that this list is not in any particular order)

thank you to marabeth for being a phenomenal co-host. we pulled off a spectacular dinner party last night. the first in our new place! saffron infused rice, teriaki salmon fillets, rocket salad with strawberries, feta cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. a picture-perfect table setting complete with fresh tulips. a delightful combination of guests. there was laughter, rich conversation and even pushing-all-furniture-aside to salsa dance (or attempt to). everyone reluctantly left at 2 in the morning. (note to self: just because people are over fifty doesn’t mean they can’t party till the break of dawn). it was definitely a success and i can’t wait to have more.

thank you to all the LOVE i received on friday. AG, AL, JV, RA, HSL, DG, AB – you are all amazing gifts in my life. thank you for checking in with me. my world is a better place because you are in it.

thank you to MM for the box of little lads popcorn that was the ONLY thing i could stand to eat on friday.

thank you to the massive bumble bee that keeps circling my head and choosing not to bite me.

and finally, thank you to whoever first created yogurt.

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2 comments on “thank you”

  1. Ghetto Blaster Says:

    thank you to golriz’s mama for her amazing work! I am forever grateful.

  2. RitaJeane Says:

    You and I are in each other’s minds. I was thinking today how grateful I am for some of the miscellaneous things in my life. So glad you expressed it.

    Love you.

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