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May 08

the grass is pretty green over here

listening to death cab for cutie’s new album. third listen and i’m hooked.

just had a lovely talk to my mum who, you might be relieved to know, has a clever plan to remedy the whole ‘what time is it there?’ start to every conversation we have. she has decided to set one of the many clocks in the house to ‘golriz time’. this reminds me, our microwave is currently set one hour behind and i can’t figure out how to correct it. the microwave itself is so big that i’m surprised it doesn’t have it’s own gravitational pull. it is a true product of the early eighties complete with faux food panelling on the sides.

i laid on a grassy knoll today and i didn’t want to be anywhere else.
those moments, i try not to take for granted.
(i’m glad i could use the term ‘grassy knoll’ once in my life)

i have a friend called isis. (i know, cool name right?) she lives in maine. she is a rockstar who doesn’t just play one on tv. she left me a voice message today that i am going to save for as long as i can. this means i now have a total of four saved messages on my voice mail. all lovely reminders that my life contains miracles.


open letter to ryan lash because i’m too lazy to find the email address that works amongst the seventeen i have stored up that don’t work.

dearest ryan,

now that you are back in the continent of north america i have to say i’ll miss the random texts from yet another airport somewhere exotic. my favorite was the one from uganda when you were watching WWF wrestling. i’m so glad that inspired you to think of me.

but the truth is, i’m glad you are no longer so far away because perhaps this means that we can hang out sometime soon. catch up on all we did and didn’t do in the past six years.

oh and i can finally kick you in the shins for not being a jonathan safran foer fan.


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3 comments on “the grass is pretty green over here”

  1. sheda Says:

    our oven clock is still an hour behind from daylight saving’s, and i can’t work out how to change it either! maybe i should just leave it wrong until the next time switch rolls around…

  2. Ghetto Blaster Says:

    it wont be green come june 1st… muhahah

  3. martha Says:

    I’d like to second the open letter to Ryan Lash.

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