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Aug 07

the little things

apartment hunting in a city you’ve never lived in isn’t easy. you don’t know the good areas from the great. you don’t really know what is a deal or how long you will have to sit in traffic when you drive to the job you don’t yet have…it’s risky. i think the reason we settled on this apartment complex has a lot to do with being suckered in by the geese family that happily waddled from the pond and across the driveway as we drove in. we stopped and we smiled. i’m sure we said ‘aw’. in unison perhaps. you kind of had to. it was so picturesque and straight out of a glossy magazine or a disney movie.

i remember bringing m2 to the apartment when she was thinking of moving in. she saw the little lake, the father and son fishing off to the side, and the geese had just had goslings (wow. where did i pull that from?!) and she too was won over.

well. the novelty of geese faded. fast.

these days i’ll be running 20 minutes late to work, speeding down the drive and there they are. the geese family. strutting across the road like they own the place. not caring that i’m about two inches from running over them. they nonchalantly stroll along. sometimes waiting for the slowest one of the group to catch up…they act like they have all the time in the world and it takes every. ounce. of my patience to not just plough through their little street parade.

but today as i drove home from work i had my mind on so many things. and then i pulled into the drive and those geese had all lined up ready to cross just as i approached. i stopped my car and watched them. and it was one of those moments where you are glad to have paused in your day to appreciate the little things that you usually miss. they crossed in less than 20 seconds and in that brief timeframe my mood went from angst to appreciative.

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