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Nov 08

the luckiest

i’m on the verge of another cold and i wholeheartedly blame the air conditioning in my office. it’s cold outside and yet the vent above me still spews out frigid arctic blasts. air so cold, that i am reduced to wearing gloves, scarves, hats and my jacket while i’m sitting at my desk. i drink mug after mug of hot steaming tea in an attempt to thaw out my internal organs. you would even think with all the griping and whining and stomping of feet about how cold it is, that i’d warm up a bit, but no.

do you know how hard it is to be taken seriously in corporate america while you are wearing mittens?!

i had enough the other day – balanced on my desk and one roll of duct tape later, the vent was sealed.

anyway. now i’m on verge-of-misery. throat a little scratchy, dull headache, skin that doesn’t want to be touched because everything feels a little bit irritating.

i took a nap while lovely families around me whirled around making food, and arranged airport pick ups, and organized activities.

and then i woke to dev holding a little brown bag of ‘treats’.

a kiwi. a tangerine complete with branch. and a pomegranet.

everything i would need was at arms length. the boy i adore and my favorite vitamin c loaded fruits.

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2 comments on “the luckiest”

  1. anjali Says:

    i had a similar arctic situation in opi, only mine involved a single glove worn on my mouse-clicking right hand and ended with ryan standing on my desk with several sheets of printer paper and a handful of thumbtacks. his makeshift vent covering is still in place, three years later. glad you’re feeling a bit better.

  2. capone Says:

    nice polaroid

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