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May 08

the submerged submersible

one of my favorite people wrote this list-of-things-to-tell-his-unborn-babies. it is possibly the most exquisite thing i’ve read in months. if you read it, be warned that you will probably want to have babies with this man.

if that is the case, you should also know he adores southpark. if you can handle that send in your applications. since i refused to help him edit his CV the least i can do is headhunt for a wife for him.

oh – you should also be warned that if you read the rest of Q’s blog, everything i write on mine will seem rather dull and banal. even my own mother is more excited about reading his blog than mine.

gosh. it’s such a beautiful day. i need to be outside soaking more of it in, than inside reading lists that make me want to go buy toddler sized nikes.

but before i go, i have a short list:

how to charm me in three easy steps:

1. send me a text asking if there is anything i want from trader joes
2. leave me a long rambling message about how you wonder if dogs have spirits that can be reincarnated because the new dogs love you the same way your old dog did
3. knowing that dusk is also your favorite time of the day


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