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Mar 08

three hundred and sixty five days later.

this week, exactly one year ago we drove to tennessee. it was an innocent road trip. a chance to escape maine’s sordid winter and see some friends/family. we had planned to stay a week – ten days at the most. i would never have imagined a year later i’d be living here. that my world now would be predominantly wrapped up in nashville, tennessee.

one day to fill in time we went to play frisbee golf. the air was crisp and clear. spring had arrived. i looked at the lush green grass and felt the sunshine on my back and in that moment i realized i didn’t have any desire to be back in the north. the novelty of scraping ice off my windscreen and living in snowboots had definitely worn off. this picture is from that beautiful day.

after people learn about the events that have transpired in my life over the course of the year i often get the surprised look of concern and the question of why i didn’t pack up and move back to my beloved city of melbourne. i suppose it makes sense to have wanted to be near my family and friends. but i have truly felt like i was supposed to be here. nashville and its inhabitants took such good care of me. i remember songwriters at EMI who barely knew me asking me to have dinner with their families, in efforts to look after me. strangers became instant friends. people smiled and meant it. i really feel like this was the best place for me to be during this past year. i couldn’t really explain it then, i can’t explain it now. i just knew i needed to enjoy the green of the grasses i was standing on, and that the rest would sort itself out.

as i’m fasting this year i’m so vividly reminded of last year. and i’m so glad i trusted my intuition. that i didn’t do what was ‘expected’ and a year later, here i am. and so happy to be here.

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  1. amy Says:

    life takes turns we don’t expect sometimes, eh? proud of you for doing the unexpected, and doing it with such grace!

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