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Dec 08


it’s before midnight. i don’t think i’ve slept before midnight in months. and i have every opportunity to do so right now. but instead i’m listening to samimi-extremie’s fantastic, perfectly mood suiting mix tape.

i was a bit melancholy this week and i wasn’t sure why. and then i remembered i’m only happy in the sun, and it’s been a week of gray days. so that must be the reason. time to invest in a sun lamp. or a warm tropical island.

but guess what? i have found a yoga class that i love. it’s at the east nashville ymca – which is super close to me. they have hot yoga on monday and wednesday. i went both times this week and it was sweaty and wonderful. it’s a relief to stop thinking about how much i want to do something and actually JUST DO IT. nike was right.

this year is nearly over. it’s been a year of extremes for me. highest highs and lowest lows. i’m happy to welcome 2009 in. make it a cup of tea. and enjoy the calm.

list of words i like though i couldn’t really define:

okay so i guess i had thought the list would be longer when i started.

but here is something for you to learn so this post isn’t a complete waste of your time: the word ‘gargalesis’ means to forcefully tickle.

you know that feeling when someone stronger than you tickles you against your will? and you want them to stop. and they don’t. oh the agony.

well heed this warning you tickling bullies:

Although it may be funny when you are the one causing gargalesis, doctors recommend that people don’t do this to others for an extended period of time especially children. Gargalesis can potentially be dangerous causing neck and other injuries. In addition, despite laughter, rough tickling can cause a child emotional distress when their pleas to stop are covered up with laughter. That’s why a lot of kids refer to this game as tickle torture.


in other news, i have an idea. i want to make recycled sweater skirts.

you know how thrift stores have all sorts of fitted wool sweaters. but they are kind of oddly shaped or too long? or well, what if i bought a bunch, cut off the arm/neck part and attached some sort of bandeau waist and made little woolen winter skirts. perfect to wear over tights.

don’t you think that would be pretty awesome?

i just googled sweater skirts and found this horrifying image. which is not at ALL what i had in mind. yes, it actually says ‘i da ho. r u da ho 2?’
now i’m completely put off.

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2 comments on “tomfoolery”

  1. Nina Says:

    That picture is truly, truly horrifying.
    You must rise above the ugliest dress of all time and make beautiful creations xx

  2. Naree Says:

    i find the idea of recycled sweater skirts AWESOME, but the “i da ho” versions currently available online are NOT so awesome. this must be remedied asap, though baby gap and others seem to have made a tiny pounce on this:

    thank YOU soOO much for coming to memphis this weekend. hip Hip hoOOray!

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