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Oct 08

turn up the volume. the perfect song to wake up to.

tim meyers – a brand new day

thanks to anjali, i’m now addicted to this song. i play it oh, only about sixteen times a day.

this is an open plea to the world to teach me how i can set my iphone to use this for my alarm in the morning.

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5 comments on “turn up the volume. the perfect song to wake up to.”

  1. anjali Says:

    i still haven’t figured out the iphone thing (as far as my interweb-trawling has revealed, it’s a common complaint). so for the past week i’ve been getting maude-my-macbook to wake me up, using the remote as a snooze button. pretty darn awesome.

  2. golriz Says:

    hold on smoky joe. what do you mean getting your macbook to wake you? they can do that?

    but does that mean you have to sleep with your mac by your head because i have a theory about that. and my non-scientific, totally-a-hunch theory is that it’s not good :)

  3. anjali Says:

    i’m using the app “alarm clock”, which i found during my interweb research. i’m not sure in what scenario you would need to sleep with your mac beside your head, but don’t worry. you don’t. basically you can put your computer to sleep at night and the app wakes it (and you) up at the desired time, with whatever song you want. there’s even an ‘”easy wake” function, so the volume gradually increases over a specified period of time.

  4. amy Says:

    my dear favorite ladies, this is my new favorite song.

  5. baran Says:

    hey Golriz,
    I LOVE this SONG.. i can’t get it out of my head!! TIM Myers Featuring Lindsey Ray “BRAND NEW DAY”. i found it on i-tunes too! Beautiful song.

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