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Aug 08

what’s for dinner?

today i got a message from jen asking if it was okay that she just lives off a diet of pretzels and natural yogurt. the answer of course is a resounding YES. and it got me thinking about the times in my life where i have just wanted to eat one or two things. those same one or two things at every. single. meal.

last summer m2 and i literally lived off pb&j sandwiches.

in haifa it was cheese and crackers, and sometimes we’d mix it up a bit by adding apricot jam to the mix.

in college i survived on toast and diet coke. (at this point i would like to formally apologize to my kidney/liver/spleen/any other internal organs that suffered from my diet coke addiction.)

i’ve definitely eaten edamame for three meals in a row.

i consider frozen blueberries the perfect meal. and anything that you can add blueberries to becomes my new favorite thing to eat.

also, just give me three minutes and a tray of assorted nuts, raisins, and dried fruit and it will seem like a hoard of locusts descended.

right now my two miracle foods that always satisfy are las paletas and popcorn. did i mention you can get the popsicles in avocado flavor? AVOCADO people. how can you resist this magic?

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2 comments on “what’s for dinner?”

  1. amy Says:

    i am partial to frozen peas. straight out of the freezer, in a bowl. best, most refreshing snack ever.

  2. Write Softly Says:

    I can see that I’m going to be hooked right back, sister. Anyone who loves JV is someone I can love.

    Thank you for reading! I will definitely be doing the same.

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