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Feb 10

why sarah brown is one of my favorite people

extracted from her blog, que sera sera:


Lady in bridal shop: What kind of dress do you think you’d like?
Me: Not long or white, not strapless or halter… bright color, knee-length full skirt, no veil?
Lady in bridal shop: Yeah, we don’t have anything like that. Why don’t you let me bring you some things I think you might like?
Me: Sure, you’ve known me for 30 seconds now, that seems foolproof.
Lady in bridal shop: [Brings me long white dress.]
Lady in bridal shop: Do you want me to get you a veil to try?
Me: No thanks, I don’t want a veil.
Lady in bridal shop: Let me grab you a veil.
Lady in bridal shop: [Puts veil on my head.]
Lady in bridal shop: See, it looks so good! You should wear a veil. I mean, what other day in your life will you get to wear a veil?
Me: Maybe when Nick dies fighting a holy war, and I enter a convent?
Lady in bridal shop: [silence]
Me: And then every day following that day, I guess.

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