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// she's only happy in the sun.
Mar 08

wide. awake.

not a fan of:

1. underscores. they_just_bother_me
2. comic sans font
3. self checkout aisles. i know they are supposed to be efficient but they are usually annoying. (side note: the last time i was at a self checkout i had bought a couple of muffins and as i was trying to figure out how to pay for them the machine started to ‘help out’ by repeating in a very loud and demanding voice ‘please move your muffins’. it struck me as funny the first time, but then it started repeating it over and over like a maniacal chant and making SUCH a scene. it wasn’t very clear where i was supposed to move my muffins to. and so i was placing them in the bag. eeengh (!) wrong. out of the bag on the scale. wrong again. eventually one of the staff came and helped me out. i couldn’t help but feel like the machine had insulted me with it’s loud demands of ‘MOVE YOUR MUFFINS’.
4. terms like ‘webinar’ (online seminars) and ‘webisodes’ (online tv shows)
5. ice crunchers. people who crunch ice. with their teeth. perhaps it’s because i have sensitive teeth and i know that if i tried something like that i’d be in immense pain
6. napkin waste. when you go through the drive through and you get half a tree worth of napkins with your meal. i often try to give them back saying ‘i’m really not that messy! save a tree!’ but then i’d be the crazy woman at the drive through. so it’s a dilemma
7. not having an automatic spell checker on my blog so my posts end up riddled with errors
8. not having access to a time machine
9. fruit that looks good but tastes bland. stop tricking me with your colorful healthy looking fruit american supermarkets.
10. sideways tennessee rain. there is no escaping it.
11. joy squashers.

a fan of:

1. lists (oh really?)
2. procastination (i could be packing)
3. polaroids (new obsession. let me restate that. new, expensive obsession)
4. almond butter and white hawaiian honey (i could eat this combo for breakfast/lunch/dinner and not tire of it)
5. the office (just watched some ‘webisodes’- see you cringed right?)
6. unique mugs
8. trampolines. marabeth and i really want to get a huge trampoline for our back garden. trampolines are a catalyst for fun. and broken limbs. but mainly fun.
9. holley seals-lizarga’s couch and company
10. exploring cities with no agenda besides adventure
11. finally succumbing to the world of purchasing ringtones. do you know how soothing it is to wake up to iron and wine’s ‘such great heights’? so incredibly soothing.
12. nouvelle zelande

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5 comments on “wide. awake.”

  1. leila Says:

    the american office, right?

    and i tried to make virgin pina coladas last night … with a twenty-year old blender. like crushing ice it did not. i ended up chewing ice for the first time in aaaages that i could remember, and i was thinking Wow. This Ain’t So Bad. how is it that you write about it the very next day?

    are you packing to come visit me in sydney, now, OR ARE YOU SAVING YOUR PENNIES TO VISIT US IN SEATTLE, LIKE WE WANT?

    love lvoe

  2. amy Says:

    underscores are annoying because you can’t tell they are there in a hyperlink.
    i LOOOVE eating ice. sorry. i won’t do it next time we meet ;)
    you can set up spell check for your web browser and then you can have spell check on your blog (oh YEAH!)

    enjoy the office, but do SOME packing!

  3. golriz Says:

    leila my love, i am definitely planning a trip to seattle once you return. when do you return?

    amyjoon – i have to tell you, my mum ADORES your blog. she is into all things ‘crafty’ and loves all your creations! spell checker on my browser?! genius. i’m on it.

  4. Ghetto Blaster Says:

    I want to take Polaroids of us jumping on a trampoline, “drinking” coffee out of our unique mugs, surrounded by trees.

  5. amy Says:

    aw – you mom is too sweet. btw – have you heard polaroid is shutting down? i would reccomend investing in a holga or a diana… both beautiful cameras – but you still need to develop the film, no instant gratification!

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