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Jan 10

“you’re both so cute it makes me projectile vomit rainbows and unicorn horns.”–david faroz precht

my friends say the sweetest things.

in other news, we loved our little gallivant to sydney. whoa, either gallivant is a real word, or my spell checker isn’t working. gallivanTING i knew, but just plain old gallivant?!

anyway. our little getaway happened to coincide with perhaps the most stressful time we’ve encountered lately – the hatching of the new, and improved, SoulPancake. this meant that we didn’t sleep at all for the few days prior, and we worked up until the minute we left the house. mum had to put some serious pedal to metal to get us to the airport on time. she not only managed to get us there with time to spare, but she also fed us a three-course persian meal in the backseat. is my mum a superhero? the answer is: yes.

staying connected and getting wifi access was our mission for the day, so we were the maniacs you see at the airport who create their own home office with blatant disregard for other peoples personal travel space. dev kept checking in with our brilliant team of developers/coders, while i prayed to god, and oprah.

we got to sydney and the first few hours were all a blur of plane, train and ferry as we made it to afrooz & luke’s little patch of paradise on the shores of manly beach. we caught up with our dear friends, wolfed down delicious thai food, and then proceeded to work until the sun came up and all through the next day. we are obviously the lamest house guests.

but once SP was up and running (except for when rainn would tweet about it, and it would all come crashing down), we were able to take a break, eat luke’s perfect pancakes, soak up sun & surf, visit the beautiful baha’i temple, and come up with ludicrous names for their BABY. i have to all-caps ‘baby’, because the idea of luke & af having their first little one is so exciting! mostly because this baby will be the cutest little surfer baby. and thus, set the bar for other babies really high.

other highlights of the trip include the musical fireside, hilarity with luckface (a.k.a shireen zein), exceeding the bounds of moderation with our fish&chip eating, and our picture-perfect dusk picnic by the ocean.

lowlights include being rejected at the door when trying to get into a hare krishna concert, squashing about 25K people’s email accounts with the SoulPancake newsletter (the SPoonful), and dev getting yelled at by a vagrant in a cafe. interestingly however, these three events all make for the best stories of the weekend.


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