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Dec 09

you are what you read

lauren leto, of texts from last night fame, is fast becoming one of my favorite people.

this list, where she stereotypese people based on the their favorite author is deliciously wicked and true.

lauren and her co-conspirator, brandon, are also the masterminds behind mom’s msgs – texts, facebook wall messages, etc. from parents that are too priceless not to share.

some good ones:

The Emo’s are Coming!

Gabe’s Mom: I saw this thing on the news about emo people and how they are sometimes dangerous. are you emo?

Darn Phone

Ravi’s Mom: My phone is broken! It keeps telling me it “missed calls”

Lick and Dry

Gina’s Mom: A 95 dollar haircut? Seriously? She better have licked the shampoo out of your hair.

Not So Special Delivery

Jason: Welcome Edith May!! 7.8 pounds, 20 inches!
Jason’s Dad: Why did you give my granddaughter such a grandma name? Is she going to pull a Benjamin Button or something?

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