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// she's only happy in the sun.
May 11

shadi & shhh giveaway!

once upon a time in the merry land of australia, i met shadi toloui-wallace. not only is shadi the kind of human that effortlessly injects a whole lot of fun and laughter into any given situation, but she is also a very talented singer/songwriter and has recently started a unique accessory line – ‘shhh‘!

shadi has offered to giveaway one of her lovely handmade necklaces on my blog, and all you need to do is complete two simple steps:

  • like the ‘shhh’ accessory page on facebook
  • leave a comment on this blog post with the link to your favorite piece from the shhh etsy shop

see? easy cakes. the winner (you will win the piece that you link to) will be chosen at random on friday at noon. if you have never won anything cool in your entire life, this is your chance!

here’s a little bit more about shadi:

1. list 5 things shadi is and 5 things shadi isn’t:


  • A hoarder- I find it hard to get rid of things like music/sentimental/clothes in particular my vintage shoes and dresses. I blame genetics.
  • Fascinated by old people and things.
  • Constantly on the hunt for cheap/creative craft ideas.
  • Obsessed with tetras.
  • Pretty handy with a sewing machine.


  • Sure if she should be speaking in third person
  • Afraid to speak her mind
  • Keen on flying due to an extreme fear of heights.
  • Able to solve a rubix cube.
  • Tall

2. what is the one of the most annoying misconceptions about australia?

I think that a lot of the world is still unaware of the amazing creative culture we have here. Australia has a thriving community of musicians, visual artists, designers and creatives who produce unique and original work. It’s a collaborative, tight knit community and I hope that, in time, more people will start becoming aware of the incredible talent down here.

3. what’s the biggest fashion faux pas you committed at one point in your life? please tell me you had a mullet. actually scratch that, mullets are cool again.

Hah, yeah, I totally had a mullet. My sister would cut it and she’d do a really good job, but that was like 6 years ago and my friend Roya wont let me live it down. In all honesty, I could list a bunch of them but they all seemed so right at the time. I think most of my fashion faux pas occurred when I was trying to fit into a trend that physically didn’t work for me. I’m really big on feeling comfortable, so knowing what works with my shape and what I could last a day in is my first priority. That’s not to say I don’t care about how I look, but I’ve done the whole 3-inch zip/hipster/skinny/sass&bide jean thing, and my kidneys will never forgive me.

4. can you describe the exact moment when you realized you wanted to be a songwriter/musician?

It was more like a bunch of contributing factors…

  • I started listening to more independent musicians when I was about 14. These guys wrote, composed and produced their own music, I thought it was so much more personal, relatable, rewarding and real. I wanted to be part of this.
  • I was noticing that a lot of the more popular and accessible music was lacking substance and meaning.
  • Growing up and listening to musicians like Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, Tracey Chapman, Simon & Garfunkel, who were all such great storytellers. They definitely influenced my decision to write and play guitar. Two things I’m constantly trying to improve every day.
  • I was 14, and needed a way to vent my mood swings.

5. who would be the members of your ideal band?

I noticed it would probably sound horrid in reality, but this is my dream team…

  • Fabrizio Moretti on drums
  • Daniel Quine Auerbach on guitar
  • Bob Dylan would be our song writing adviser
  • Lykki Li would be lead vocalist
  • James Mercer would be backup guitar and vocals
  • I noticed I’m missing bass, so I’ll get Skrillex in for that
  • And I guess that leaves me with the tambourine

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21 comments on “shadi & shhh giveaway!”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Ashley is:

    ~a recent graduate of a jewellery and metalsmithing program
    ~thrilled with being introduced to new designers
    ~someone who temporarily lived in Melbourne and definitely appreciates how ****** awesome and stylish the Aussies are
    ~a huge fan of all things nautical, so


    Yay for May!

  2. Christina Says:

    Such pretty stuff! This is my fave: http://www.etsy.com/listing/72675339/shhh-accessories-yo-meee7. Thanks for the chance to win one of these lovelies!

  3. Farideh Says:

    Shadi is lovely! These pieces are beautiful.


  4. Maggie Says:

    Awesome pieces and colors!



  5. Roshelle Says:

    I love these colors!!


  6. Jessica Says:


    Her work is really lovely! I’m a fan of all the pieces – luckily we get the chance to win one! Gracias!

  7. Lua Says:

    I love these pieces! I wish she was at one of the craft bazaars I went to this year! All the necklaces are bundles of lovely!

    And she has stellar music taste! Dan is my hero! I would pick him for guitar too, and then get him to sign all of my “The Black Keys” Vinyl covers.

    Heres’s the piece I would choose if chosen by the Randomizer gods: http://www.etsy.com/listing/72064667/shhh-accessories-yo-meee12

  8. Elika Says:

    I like this one: http://www.etsy.com/listing/72675552/shhh-accessories-yo-meee8

    But they’re all beautiful! :)

  9. Natascha Says:

    Very pretty! My favourite is this one: http://www.etsy.com/listing/72064188/shhh-accessories-yo-meee10

  10. pascale Says:

    Ahh yes love Shadi, love her music love her energy! Didn’t know she had an accessory line though Gol so thanks for the link! Awesomejuice x

  11. Sonia Says:

    Okay, I am excited to play giveaway and I especially likelikelike this piece of shadi’s! : http://www.etsy.com/listing/72674719/shhh-accessories-yo-meee5

    Purdy schtuff.

  12. krystal v Says:

    i like this one!!!

  13. Elizabeth Marquez Says:

    I love the colors of this necklace : )

  14. soad Says:

    shadi you’re awesome! :)

  15. layli Says:

    shadi is all types of talented! it was a hard choice, but most def. this one [!!!!] i would rock the $hhhhh out of it!! ;)

  16. Elif Says:

    I had seen Shadi’s designs on Etsy before. Truly inspirational..
    I hope one day I can be brave enough to share my own designs and until then I am glad you guys are out there to help me believe in my own creations.


  17. Mook Says:

    This piece is fabulous!

  18. Yasmin Says:

    I enjoy this post and finding out about amazing artists and their works of art. This one in particular caught my attention: http://www.etsy.com/listing/72065073/shhh-accessories-rope-meeeearth
    I just love the craftsmanship (craftswomenship?) of all of those wonderful pieces. I wish you the best of luck :)

  19. k Says:

    hoarders unite!


  20. Nagmeh Says:

    oooh. j’adore the simplicity of this one: http://www.etsy.com/listing/72673363/shhh-accessories-rope-meeeblack

    All beautiful.

  21. Alicia Says:

    I would love to have ALL of Shadi’s beautiful creations. But, I won’t be greedy. This one is my ultimate favorite: http://www.etsy.com/listing/72675339/shhh-accessories-yo-meee7

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