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// she's only happy in the sun.
May 11

summer plans.

we’ve just bought our tickets for a three week escapade to southeast asia in june! we’ll be heading to thailand, cambodia and vietnam and a 38 hour layover in tokyo! we are going to be adventuring with dev’s younger brother collin, and his best friend alan. our merry team will be reveling in the sticky humidity and drinking coconut juice all day long. we will also be disconnected from our gadgets which will be so good for us, considering our laptops are usually extensions of our arms.

we’ve been scouring the interwebs for recommendations of things to do. places to see. foods to eat. festivities to attend. if you have any suggestions please let me know.


halong bay, vietnam

ho chi minh, vietnam

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4 comments on “summer plans.”

  1. Mallory Says:

    My best friend in middle school / current friend on facebook is in the midst of a similar trip right now. I haven’t been close with her for years, but I still really enjoy following her journey. She recently played with tigers (I think in Thailand) which seems like it would be equal parts terrifying and awesome. She also rode an elephant over a mountain. As you can see, her animal-centric activities interested me most, haha. Although I’d also love to kayak/canoe down exotic rivers (like in the second picture). Please take lots of pictures & post them here so I can live vicariously through you, along with her!

  2. krystal v Says:

    I spent the fall in thailand in 09(about 7 weeks). So many people were scared for us, which made me scared. But the scariest place was Bangkok,(because it was dirty, lol) which we spend none of our time. Except of course the quick shop and bus out.
    While the southern most islands were filled with hip and crowded young people on beautiful beaches, they also seemed to eat away our cash and calm vacation.
    The best quiet, beautiful, and surreal beach was in Chumphon. If you go there, ask the taxi driver to take you to cabana beach. There you can not only watch the kite surfers and play jenga at the beach side bar, but you can find a great little bungalow along the beach to rest your head while catching the fruit carts.(EAT THE FRUIT! I DON’T CARE WHAT YOUR GUIDE BOOK SAYS)
    All this being said. My favorite place was Nong Khai along the northern most part of the country along the Mekong river. We visited to sculpture garden and mut mee garden guest house.
    There were tons of great places and you will find each of them enchanting, as we did. Love love love it and don’t forget to take notes. Even through the rooster in the vip bus and the derailing train, it is an adventure you will never forget and memories you will cherish a lifetime. Visit Thailand! lol! I sound like one of those commercials! Seriously, I hope to visit again myself. Hope you love your trip!

  3. layli Says:

    i don’t have any tips except party hardy and eat a lot of good grub! i hope to see you before your ship sails, fair lady.

  4. Ashley Says:

    That’s so exciting! My boyfriend and I spent three months in 2009 doing the SEAsia loop, and I have been wanting to go back ever since. Offhand:

    Vietnam: Mui Ne and Sa Pa were my handsdown my favourite places. Mui Ne is a little beach town south of the larger coastal city of Na Trang, and far less touristy. There are sand dunes and hidden beaches. Sa Pa is in the mountains in the north, and Stunning.

    Be wary of the Halong Bay boat tours out of Hanoi. They’re still worth it because they are cheap and it’s difficult to charter your own boat, but mentally prepare yourself for some hassles.

    Thailand: You can easily take a boat out to Ko Samet (island, off the coast between Bangkok and the Cambodia border) and spent a couple nights in a private beach bungalo…complete with mosquito net!… for $10USD/night. Glorious. Oh, oh, you’r bound to end up near the tourist-packed KhaoSan Road at some point while in Bangkok…”Gecko Bar” is the best place for breakfast….giant bowls of yograt, granola and fresh local fruit…smoothies…french toast with honey.. all enjoyed from your little plastic chair on the side of the road, ha:

    Cambodia: Or course you are going to Siem Reap to see Angkok Wat. You will spend at least 12 hours walking around and taking 8000 photographs..it’s impossible not to. This was a fantastic place to stay: http://www.motherhomeguesthouse.com. $10/night, free bicycles to explore the city, absolutely lovely people.

    Sorry to bombard you with information, but this post got me really excited. Our months in Asia were some of the best months of my life :)
    Have a fantastic time. (I also recommend a mini portable hard drive…I am sure you’ll need it!) If you have any questions, feel free :)

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