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// she's only happy in the sun.
May 11

vivikas giveaway!

there are some things i life that you don’t realize you need until you see them. plush plaid-bellied dinosaurs and little stealthy soft ninjas are two of those things. and that’s how i’d describe my experience in general with the adorable hand-stitched creatures available at vivikas etsy store.

first, meet the lovely vivian who is the owner and creative genius behind vivikas. here she is getting smothered by her creations:

a few months ago, vivian left me a comment on my blog which is how i was introduced to her etsy store. dev and i were smitten with her ninja creations and when i told her this, vivian generously sent us a little ninja of our own. we’ve named him ‘nori’ and he’s awesome.

i love using my blog as a platform to share artistry and creative enterprises so i was thrilled when vivian suggested i host a giveaway for one of her creations.

the prize is this fantastic little green dinosaur below – lovingly hand-stitched and made out of organic felt. entering the giveaway is super simple:

1. follow vivikas on twitter OR if your not a tweeter, please share the link to vivikas (http://www.etsy.com/shop/vivikas) on your facebook/blog/forehead.
2. come up with a name for this dinosaur.

easy peasy. leave the name you’ve come up with in the comments section of this post. a winner will be picked on friday!

here’s a bit more about vivian:

1. list 5 things Vivian is and 5 things Vivian isn’t:
I am happy
I am shy
I am self motivated
I am a big kid
I am engaged to a wonderful man

I’m not what you think
I’m not a driver
I’m not in bed early
I’m not a girlie girl
I’m not loud

2. what was your favorite toy when you were young?
I grew up in Brazil and I used to play with all kinds of dolls.  I didn’t just carry the doll around like it was my baby.  What I loved was to create a little world for them.  I used to make their clothes with scraps of fabric or knitting, I’d give them “haircuts” and color their blonde hair with markers.  The cutting hair part didn’t make my mom very happy, but from an early age I couldn’t contain my creativity.  I didn’t have a doll house, so I created rooms for my dolls inside of shoe boxes.  I remember playing for hours with my dolls.  Great memories.

3. what does your creative space look like?
My craft area is not that big so what I do is have little things I like around me.  My cute handmade pincushion, my mini collection of owls, my heart pins and other things surround me while I work.  Most of them are handmade items.  I like to keep my space organized otherwise my thoughts get messy and I can’t create.  I like bright colors.  My craft table is white, my walls are white and my curtains are aqua green.  That mix creates a good feeling inside my place when the sun shines thru it.

4. is there any kind of handcraft that you tried and failed at?
Jewelry making.  A while back I took classes and bought a bunch of tools of the craft.  I really never developed a talent for it.  My intention was to make something for my mom, my grandma, and some friends, but I don’t want people spitting at them on the streets.  Yes it’s that bad.

5. is it true that the creatures you make come to life at night? i swear i’ve heard nori the ninja stealthily creeping around our place.
I don’t think they would like for me to reveal such information. Oops!

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19 comments on “vivikas giveaway!”

  1. Ashley Says:

    that’s Davey of course!

  2. Karsen Says:

    I think he’s obviously a Ralph.

  3. Roshelle Says:

    Looks like a ‘Harold’ to me.

  4. jackie Says:


  5. karen Says:



  6. Claire Says:


  7. chupatinja Says:

    He looks so lovely! I would call him Hugh :)

  8. Courtney Says:

    Either Munter or Charlie.

    So so cute!

    I especially love the ninja!

  9. amber Says:


  10. jonathan Says:

    I thought it would be worth a try: http://i197.photobucket.com/albums/aa151/lookinginonyou/VivikasEtsyFace.jpg

    Bright lights at night aren’t so nice to my eyes.

    “Larry” came to mind. Don’t know why. Don’t think I’d even name him Larry if he were mine. Shout out to my Brazil peeps! (Grew up there myself.)

  11. Andrea Says:

    Alfredo the dinosaur !!! fredo fredo fredo (:

  12. Vanessa Says:

    I think he looks like Dino to me..

  13. Yessenia Says:

    He looks like a Theadore to me.

  14. Mook Says:

    He’s obviously a MOOK!

  15. gingermandy Says:

    oh he is totally a Norman.

  16. Alison Says:

    I think she looks like a Vera, short for Primavera. She’s green and she looks like she’s an herbivore. Just saying. :)

  17. workmanboys Says:

    Mabooshky, our vote is Mabooshky

  18. Danielle Dodson Says:

    Wallace! (Wally for short)

  19. pascale Says:

    Ola, meu nome e Cedric!

    Yes, my full name is Cedric Wiremu Jandal, the Titan. People call me Ced for short – but i’m not short! I’m a fully grown Titan chief from the Jandal tribe. See that heart? That’s our logo. We love ti-tan-ic-ally.

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