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// she's only happy in the sun.
Jun 08

leaving on a jet (but more like a toy) plane

as far as airports go, nashville’s airport features on my list of ‘top ten airports i can tolerate’. i don’t have a list of favorite airports, because frankly, i’m not a big fan of any of them what with their uncomfortable-as-possible-definitely-not-nap-facilitating-seats, flooring patterns that are just a little too loud, overpriced food and the waiting. dear god, the waiting. i think waiting is one of my least favorite activities. up there with taking my car in for servicing and ironing shirts.

and just like the city of nashville itself, this airport isn’t aesthetically interesting or cutting edge but it has its own charm. it’s not complicated, it’s manageable sized, has a straightforward floor plan, an essential starbucks, friendly staff – admittedly some, like ‘Prince’ at the TSA desk this morning, perhaps a little too friendly, but it’s one of those non intimidating airports where you can whisk in 30 minutes before your flight and still make it to your gate on time, even picking up bbq on the way. if you were here you might also want bbq for breakfast. don’t judge me.

i find the latest renovation efforts endearing. like the stage they’ve built for example, complete with lighting and a smooth black curtain backdrop. i guess there are people who might enter music city and actually expect to hear music as they get off the plane – and you know what, nashville’s airport aims to please. then there is the seating area that features a huge flat screen tv that is set to the country music channel. in case you forget where you are, which is, the home of country music. and then just to really make sure you know that you are indeed in nashville, tennessee – because the plethora of shops selling cowboy hats and boots might not have pushed this point home already, there are announcements over the PA by the likes of phil vassar and dolly parton that welcome you and tell you some of the highlights of this city. like, wait for it, the country music hall of fame.

nashville is proud of it’s claim to country music. in case you didn’t notice.

i’m flying to dc today for work and play. the work part involves going to see RAIN: the beatles experience. this show is coming to my theater in a couple of months so i need to preview it so i know what it is exactly that i’m marketing. at this stage, i think it’s a beatles cover band. but maybe there is more to it. i’ll keep you posted because i know the curiosity is killing you.

the play part is the fact that i’m staying through till sunday to see some friends and absorb a dose of one of my favorite cities. i’m excited about the things that i can’t get in nashville. like urban outfitters, h&m, a decent hair cut etc.

i love the travel component of my work but i’m also glad it is limited to once every couple of months. when i was younger i wanted to be a travel writer just so i could travel the world non stop. but then i realized i’d always be working and could never really ‘enjoy’ the destination like you can when you are on vacation. plus there is that whole not liking airports business so the novelty wore off before the dream became a reality.

what i have realized is that although i love traveling, it is infinitely better with a team mate, your best friend, your partner in crime. i’m excited to have ‘someone’ to travel with again. someone who will let me lean on them and sleep while they keep vigil so we don’t miss the boarding call, someone who will make sure i am hydrated, someone who will not roll their eyes when i want to do the in-flight magazine crossword with them. in PEN no less. and most importantly someone who will hold my hand and say a silent prayer with me during take off and landing.

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3 comments on “leaving on a jet (but more like a toy) plane”

  1. Court Says:

    I am also a fan of the Nashville Airport…and am a card carrying frequent customer of the massage place next to the nail place in the Southwest terminal area. After a long day of flying into and out of Nashville I usually have 1 hour to kill and the dude with the beard and curly hair is the best!

  2. Sneezy Says:

    Do you read http://toastforbrekkie.com/ ? He has a recent post on flying. He has family in the Nashville area and is a Baha’i, so you two probably have mutual friends.

  3. neg-in Says:

    awww . . . you’re talking about me, aren’t you? ;-) haha! looooved seeing you this weekend! keep your fingers crossed that i’ll be there soon and able to spend more time with you and your flight-mate =)

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