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// she's only happy in the sun.
Feb 08

lots of text doesn’t always equate to having anything to say.

i keep finding stuff that i don’t need at all but i still want. like this tea stick, this simple but beautiful hour glass and this chandelier wall decal.

what i do need with a needing like i haven’t encountered since the days i just-HAD-to-have(!) a gocco print (remember?) is this adorable dining table for our new house. is it not so perfect? see how it fits together like a puzzle? tell me that you don’t want to just run over and HUG this table. see. it’s actually huggable. there are not many tables you can say that about, what with their hard edges and glass tops. in fact i am not a fan of glass topped tables. i hate the sound of putting plates on them and the constant smudges of fingerprints that you can’t avoid. i would actually love an old farm table that has stains from years of use. one that you could place your hot steaming mug of tea on without worrying about it marking the table. in fact, the marks are what would make it more beautiful. and it would fit 4 or 14 easily. and none of the tableware would match. and there would always be wildflowers in some jar in the center. oh and outside the sun is always shining and fresh organic produce is brought to my doorstep every sunday. yes, in that reality i’d want a sturdy wooden farm table. but in current reality, this ikea gem will do just fine.


so this blog i stumbled across is just made up of beautiful photographs of the dinner this person eats every night. i checked it out and now i have dinner envy.

i love this foodie blog too, but it might have a lot to do with its name: smitten kitchen. because let’s face it, the word ‘smitten’ is just great. it’s up there with greatest all time words. i’m not sure why it has so much appeal to me. it might have something to do with its proximity to mittens and kittens, but i think it’s more about what it means to be ‘smitten’.

dictionary.com tells us that it means:
1. struck, as with a hard blow.
2. grievously or disastrously stricken or afflicted.
3. very much in love.


4. to afflict or attack with deadly or disastrous effect: smitten by polio.
5. to affect mentally or morally with a sudden pang: His conscience smote him.
6. to affect suddenly and strongly with a specified feeling: They were smitten with terror.

okay so i guess i never thought about definition 1 or 2. or 4, 5 or 6.

um…’his conscious SMOTE him’? that is a little severe.

the word is rapidly losing it’s endearing quality.

moving on…went to yoga after work and had a lovely evening with dear holley, baby luca, simon, randy, paula and the contestants of project runway. ate macaroons with tea. it was the perfect dinner. perhaps lacking in vital nutrients but what it lacked in vitamins and minerals it made up for in sweet coconutty goodness and caffiene.

have i ever mentioned before that the security guard at my work is an elvis impersonator? he is also a little too ‘friendly’ for my liking, and INSITS on looking at my ID card everytime I walk by him. so now, even though he has seen me daily for almost six months, he still checks my card as if it is the first time he’s laid eyes on me. well all this combined to make me a little uncomfortable around him…i try to walk by as quickly as i can and keep communication to a minimum.

and yes, i know i live in nashville. and perhaps i should just accept it. but i have to draw the line somehere…he even has elvis memorabilia decorating his security stand. like an actual mini shrine to elvis! you would also be a little wierded out.

recently i found he not only does impersonations but he is also a stripper. yep. he goes from clothed fake elvis to nude fake elvis. you probably didn’t need me to break it down for you. but i want you to know that this is the first person i see every morning when i go to work. this, THIS is how my day begins.

chances of me being able to look him in the eye ever again = zero.

i made another batch of mega muffins last night. they have 8 grains in them but no flour. they are so dense that eating one for breakfast tides you over for three days. well not three days, but a long time. they also have bananas, dates, flax seed, oats and berries in them. the baha’i fast will begin soon (march 2nd) and for 19 days we abstain from eating/drinking between sunrise and sunset. these mega muffins will be my best friend during that time.

tomorrow i’m taking maz to ‘zumba’. it’s a class at the Y that is basically one hour of non stop latin-american-funk-fusion-dance. although if you were watching me it would not look anything like that. i laugh throughout the entire class, my left and right are muddled, i have tried to figure out the difference between samba, rhumba and mambo but still need some clarification. and i’m also really distracted by the wall to wall mirrors that PRESENT me with my uncoordination – incase I had any doubts about just how OUT of sync with everyone else. i’m also perturbed by the fact that every set ends with our instructor yelling ‘strike your unique pose!’ and i don’t have a ‘pose’ yet so i usually put my legs and arms out like a stranded starfish. it’s pretty much as ridiculous as it sounds.

i know you want to be there.


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1 comment on “lots of text doesn’t always equate to having anything to say.”

  1. leila Says:

    yes! i do want to be there.

    and WHOA WHOA WHOA BACK UP THERE, PARDNER. you had a lovely evening with WHOM? if what you mean is that you hung out with your friends and watched project runway, then there was no need to get my heart racing like that by insinuating that you are pal-sy with design geniuses. on the best reality show. ever.

    so much love to YOU,
    (and thanks for the kind words)

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