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// she's only happy in the sun.
Oct 07

raise your hopeful voice

hello anonymous,

i’m sorry i did not wish you a happy birthday.

i guess i don’t know when your birthday is.

or even if it is one that i would know, if i knew who you are.

but as it meant enough for you to leave a comment on my last post, this is just for you:

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear anonymous-slightly-passive-aggressive-commenter
happy birthday to youuuu.

i got to my yoga class today late and it was packed. i had to step around mats carefully and it wasn’t easy to find a patch of empty hardwood floor. the class was at green hills which is one of the wealthier areas of nashville…containing a large quota of what could be described as ‘the beautiful people’. it’s a little intimidating to walk into a gym where no one looks like they need to work out. muscles are defined and bodies are sculpted…and there is a lot of walking around, filling up water bottles and talking about reps and mirror gazing. i don’t really know how else to set the scene, but basically lycra looks good on these people. and that, is a feat in itself.

anyway as i was rolling out my mat and feeling bad about being late, this young girl in front of me, who was probably only about 7 years old, turned around and gave me the biggest smile. it was such a great grin that for a second i wondered if knew her. if i should recognize her? but she wasn’t familiar. her smile was amazing. and i don’t know why she felt compelled to share it with me, but it was contagious. i had to smile back. and then we were instant friends. she was there with her mother and i loved that they were able to do this together. it’s hard for me to concentrate on a 90 minute yoga session, so i was pretty impressed with this child’s ability to give it her all, consistently for the entire class. and it melted my heart watching her carefully roll up her mat at the end and politely thank the instructor.

well behaved children are definitely high on my list of things that parents should get recognition and awards for.

i’m glad i am (finally) making the effort to seek out and go to yoga classes. they kept me sane in melbourne – my school schedule allowed me to go about 4 times a week. but in the last 10 months i’ve only been about 4 times. the problem is i’m pretty picky about the instructor – especially after bad experiences – like the time an instructor pulled out a whistle and blew on it loudly every time she wanted us to transition into a pose. want to completely ruin my peaceful yoga experience? pierce the air with a shrill whistle every sixty seconds.

thank you for the frames cd.
it is amazing. and has entered my world with perfect timing.
i think ‘falling slowly’ is still my favorite. the others are exceptional too.
but this one takes me back to a hall with a piano in the corner.
it’s past midnight. we were supposed to be quiet. and this song is being played and sung with eyes closed.
i loved it instantly.


you know you have great friends when they happily agree to be facepainters for 100 kids who, between the juice boxes and the icing on the cupcakes, are hopped up on sugar. and smilingly figure out how to fulfill requests like ‘i want to be a dragon. not just a dragon. a very very SCARY dragon’


i’m making muffins. i’m just going to say that they are amazing – considering they have no flour or raising agent. they are so heavy you could build a house with them in lieu of bricks. maz and i have them for breakfast. and they are made up of whatever i have in the refrigerator that could possibly be included in a muffin recipe.

one day i’d like to send someone cookies/cupcakes/muffins/bread…something baked, in the mail.

i think it would be amazing to receive crumbly chewy oatmeal cookies in the mail. okay, it’s on the list of things to do before 2008.


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1 comment on “raise your hopeful voice”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, but seeing as you still don’t know who I am, you didn’t do a very thorough job of looking for me, or trying to find anonymous. okay, I’ll give you a clue, I’m on your facebook. And seeing as random people I’ve only met once said Happy Birthday, I was expecting more from such a good friend. I want some cookies now.

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